IT work and Family

I really have not found the time to update recently as I found the past year to be rather hectic. I hoping 2015 will be a slightly quieter year for me and I have taken some time off to pursue my hobbies and spend more time with my family. I am fortunate to be in a position where I am able to take some much needed time to rest and focus on the important things in life. Although work in the IT world can be very stressful you can eventually get to a point where you become a contractor and control your own hours as well as how often you work. If I had to give any advice I would recommend specializing in one area that enables you to become high in demand and improves your earning opportunities.

I would say, the most critical element is to ensure you get your self a decent computer desk to ensure correct posture and avoid RSI. You would be amazed how bad it is for you to spend all your time in front of the PC and you often do the most damage without realizing it. Getting yourself setup properly with a decent, and correctly height adjusted, desk along with a matching chair at the right size is vital else you will end with problems later on. I am experiencing that now with elbow and wrist problems from all my years sitting at the PC and it has become a major headache when I need to put in long hours for work. It is amazing how many of us ignore these simple things that result in also sorts of health issues which could have easily been avoided if we just used some common sense. This is a high quality desk that I decided to buy. The video below explains it a little bit more.

As I mentioned before I have a passion for golf and the never ending quest to improve my consistency levels and overall game in general. It has to be the most frustrating sport every devised but there is something about the tranquility of the course, especially first thing in the morning and it is a great place to relax and enjoy nature. Truth be told, if I could go and play 18 holes every single day I would! As mentioned before I have been working hard on my golf swing using my simulator, the difference is quite amazing and if you are a golfer that wants the opportunity to improve then you really have to think about taking the plunge and investing in one. The best way to work hard on your game is to put in the effort and nothing could be simpler than building your golf swing from home.

I have also turned my attention to my other hobby which is indoor planting and propagating something I have enjoyed since an early age. I still remember spending time with my mother as she tended her plants. I guess this was one of my happiest memories as I did not get that much quality time with my family when I was younger due to spending much of my childhood in boarding school. Due to the area I live in and the weather over the winter season it is quite difficult to put a lot of effort into the garden outside which is why I prefer to spend more time working on my garden indoors. With a decent grow light you have full control over all the plant conditions allowing you to grow some amazing plants which are both rich in color and texture. It’s a great hobby and something you can do with your family.

Anyway – back to work for now as I need to try and get everything finished so I can enjoy a few days off!

Info for Installing a Golf Simulator at Home

Last year I made a point to fix up my golf swing and I decided to install a golf simulator at home so that I can easily work on my swing at any time of the year, day or night. Even when it is snowing outside I can still fit in my practice time making it super easy to ensure my handicap slowly improves throughout the year. Getting all of this setup and working properly takes some time and planning but it is well worth it. The simulator I bought is called the Optishot and normally costs around $370, you check out this website to read a full review.


Planning was a big job and the first item to think about was space, you have to enough of it to make a full golf swing in your home without denting the ceiling! This can be quite difficult in modern homes but in older homes like the one I live in the ceilings are much higher making the whole project that little bit easier. The room also needs to be fairly dark, or you have to hang blackout curtains. Most entry level simulators that are designed for home use operate with infra-red sensors, these cannot work outdoors and are seriously affected by light. I guess this is the drawback with these products as you might want to setup outdoors in the summer but you can’t. This also leads to me the point of setting up a dedicated room or studio, it takes some time to get all the sensors setup and working properly so you ideally need a permanent place for your simulator. If you try and setup before each session you will end up getting irritated and not bothering very often!

If you can find enough room and space in you will then need to decide what type of display you want to use. The was an easy decision for me as I went for a projector. When compared to even the largest of TV’s on the market a projector can display a huge image covering an entire wall, the makes all the difference and enhances the realism and experience. You will find that a decent projector is not that expensive when you look at the latest HD Televisions. Just make sure you get a model with a long lamp life or it can start getting expensive.

Normal home based golf simulators run off a computer and my advice is to get a decent one if you want to enjoy the full effects. Installing a high end video card is really important as the graphics make or break the experience. I would not recommend a laptop as they are not that easy to upgrade if you need to.

After you have everything setup nicely you will spend many hours enjoying yourself, especially over the winter months. Most simulators have practice modes allowing you to gleam important swing data after each shot or you can choose to play on some of the top golf courses in the world as they have been replicated perfectly within the software. You can check out for more information as this site has current information on currently available golf simulators.

I cant tell you the difference this has made to my golf as well as allowing me to practice whenever I feel like it, if you are thinking about getting a simulator then the sooner you go for it the better!


House ColorsWelcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by. I hope to get a chance to discuss things that go on in my life as well as some of my passions. If you are a close friend then you will know that I am a modern hobbyist and I love taking time to work on my home as well as an avid golfer who looks for almost any excuse to escape from the house in order to head for the course! As such I have built myself a fully equipped studio complete with a golf simulator.

I can tell you right now that if you enjoy playing golf then this would be the best investment you could ever make to improve your skill and consistency. It takes a bit of room though as you will need enough space to comfortably swing a golf club.

The house we live in is has been around for many years and is a good old English home complete with some Victorian designs. This style of home is perfect for someone like me who loves to renovate and make changes to the home. The structure is solid and can take some beating – I am sure you know that they just do not build houses like that anymore! In fact, a home that is over a 100 years old has managed to survive both world wars!

On top of the above I also (along with my wife) enjoy a nice bottle of wine and that helped me make the decision to install a wine cellar down in the basement. That took almost a full winter to finish but aside from my golfing studio it is my best accomplishment. Air quality is important for anyone who wants to collect wine so I also had to get myself a decent dehumidifier to keep the moisture away. These days this is less of a problem as most bottles use screw tops as opposed to corks that can often deteriorate in damp conditions.

The bathrooms are next on the list and these are the hardest rooms in the home to work on. Although I am fairly accomplished in this department it is still tough to work on plumbing without the necessary training. One mistake under the shower last year cost me a few weeks to take the tiles up and locate the leak! If you are a novice homemaker then I would suggest you don’t attempt this until you have a little bit more skill!

My wife spends much of her time outside as she enjoys working in the garden. This works out great until winter comes and then she struggles to find enough things indoors to keep her happy. I thought about building an indoor garden in the home but so far that project did not get off the ground.

I hope you will take the time to follow my blog (although it is aimed more at my friends and family) and will pop back soon as I update with information and pictures to keep things interesting.